Adsorption of Water on Au and Mercury on Au, Ag, Mo and Re : Measurements of the Changes in Work Function

元データ 1976-11-05 社団法人応用物理学会


The change in work function due to adsorption is measured using retarding potential method and ultrahigh vacuum techniques. The work function of clean gold increases by 0.68±0.05 eV due to water adsorption. Effect of mercury adsorption on gold and silver is to decrease the work function by 0.16±0.03 and 0.20±0.03 eV respectively, During desorption mercury reacts with the clean surface of gold and silver and the resultant decrease up to 0.66 and 0.38 eV is observed. For Mo and Re, Hg adsorption increases the work function by 0.28±0.03 and 0.13±0.01 eV and during desorption decreases the work function by 0.32 and 0.26 eV respectively.


Bajpai R. Research Institute For Catalysis Hokkaido University:(present Address) Department Of Materials And S
KITA H. Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Hokkaido University
AZUMA K. Research Institute for Catalysis, Hokkaido University
KITA H. Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Azuma K. Research Institute For Catalysis Hokkaido University


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