2. Resistance Reduction by Stern-End-Bulb

元データ 社団法人日本船舶海洋工学会


A new kind of bulb called stern-end-bulb is developed, which is equipped at the after end of the waterline of ships. Its effectiveness for fine high-speed ships is demonstrated through experiments with three hull forms. Wave resistance is reduced by about 20% and power saving of 6% is attained by newly designed stern-end-bulbs. The computer program for wave resistance estimation based on the formulation of Neumann-Kelvin problem is proved to be useful for the design of stern-end-bulb. The characteristics of the waves in the vicinity of the stern and the mechanism of wave resistance reduction by stern-end-bulb are experimentally investigated. Observation of stern waves, measurement of disturbance velocities, wave height, momentum loss and pressure on hull surface are carried out, and they show that waves in the vicinity of the stern have nonlinear properties and that the effect of stern-end-bulb considerably consists in the attenuation of nonlinear stern waves. The problem of scale effect in wave making and wave reduction by stern-end-bulb is also studied.


Miyata Hideaki The University Of Tokyo
Tsuchiya Yoshihiro The University Of Tokyo
Adachi Hiroyuki Ship Research Institute
Adachi Hiroyuki Ship Propulsion Division Ship Research Institute
Adachi Hiroyuki Ship Research Institute Of Japan
INUI Takao Tamagawa University