10-Gbit/s InP-Based High-Performance Monolithic Photoreceivers Consisting of p-i-n Photodiodes and HEMT's(Special Issue on Advanced Optical Devices for Next Generation Photonic Networks)

元データ 2000-06-25 社団法人電子情報通信学会


10-Gbit/s monolithic receiver OEIC's for 1.55μm optical transmission systems were fabricated using a stacked layer structure of p-i-n photodiodes and HEMT's grown on InP substrates by single-step MOVPE. A receiver OEIC with a large O/E conversion factor was obtained by adding a three-stage differential amplifier to a conventional feedback amplifier monolithically integrated with a surface-illuminated p-i-n photodiode. The circuit configuration gave a preamplifier a transimpedance of 60dBΩ. The receiver OEIC achieved error-free operation at 10Gbit/s without a postamplifier even with the optical input as low as -10.3dBm because of its large O/E conversion factor of 890V/W. A two-channel receiver OEIC array for use in a 10Gbit/s parallel photoreceiver module based on a PLC platform was made monolithically integrating multimode WGPD's with HEMT preamplifiers. The side-illuminated structure of the WGPD is suitable for integration with other waveguide-type optical devices. The receiver OEIC arrays were fabricated on a 2-inch wafer with achieving excellent uniformity and a yield over 90%:average transimpedance and average 3-dB-down bandwidth were 43.8dBΩ and 8.0GHz. The two channels in the receiver OEIC array also showed sensitivities of -16.1dBm and -15.3dBm at 10Gbit/s. The two-channel photoreceiver module was constructed by assembling the OEIC array on a PLC platform. The frequency response of the module was almost the same as that of the OEIC chip and the crosstalk between channels in the module was better than -27dB in the frequency range below 6GHz. These results demonstrate the feasibility of using our receiver OEIC's in various types of optical receiver systems.


Akatsu Yuji Department Of Electrical Engineering Faculty Of Engineering Hokkaido University
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