Identification Algorithm Using a Matching Score Matrix (Special Issue on Biometric Person Authentication)

元データ 2001-07-01 社団法人電子情報通信学会


Recently, biometrics such as a person's fingerprint, face, and voice has come to be used for personal authentication. At present, most biometrics authentication systems depend on verification (one-to-one matching) because such verification takes a short period of time and is expected to provide a quick response. In these systems, however, every single user has to enter an ID number for each authentication session and might feel incovenienced as a result. To improve the operation efficiency, identification (one-to-many matching) is required, but identification is currently assumed to require much more time than verification (i.e., the response time is not practical). After probing these problems, we developed a new method to achieve identification in a short period of time. This method shortens the response time by using a matching score matrix, which is constructed in the enrollment phase. The proposed method is shown to need only about 45 one-to-one matchings to identify data in a database with two thousand fingerprints, a count much less than by conventional methods.


Maeda Takuji The Authors Are With Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
MATSUSHITA Masahito The authors are with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
SASAKAWA Koichi The authors are with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Matsushita M Yamaguchi Univ. Ube‐shi Jpn


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