Studies on Impact Sound : First Report, The Sound Generated by a Ball Colliding with a Plate

元データ 一般社団法人日本機械学会


Collision is one cause of mechanical sound. Impact sound occurs from an immense variety of sources, and may cause serious problems when it occurs to an objectionable extent in machines, structures, and the like. In view of the troublesome nature of impact sound, a series of studies have been undertaken in order to find a way to reduce it. This first report concerns the impact sound that is produced by the collision of a ball against a plate. Simply, a ball attached with a force transducer was collided with a square steel plate suspended freely, and the resulting impact sound and the pulse-like contact force occurring between the ball and the plate were measured simultaneously. Different kinds of ball materials and balls of differing diameters were tested at varying impact velocity, and the impact sound and contact force waveforms were observed and investigated through real time frequency analysis. As a result, the characteristics of impact sound have been clarified, providing an insight into the mechanism of its occurrence.


Igarashi Teruo Technological University Of Nagaoka
Kawasaki Akira Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.
GOTO Makoto Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd.
Goto Makoto Nissan Diesel Motor Co. Ltd.