Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Levels during a Cross-Over Treatment of Doxazosin,Moduretic and Amlodipine in Hypertensive Patients

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A cross-over study comparing the effects of doxazosin, moduretic and amlodipine on fasting blood glucose and blood pressure levels in 9 adult hypertensive Nigerians is presented. The results showed that doxazosin, moduretic and amlodipine were effective in reducing diastolic blood pressure and thus confirmed our previous observation of blood pressure reduction during the monotherapies of these antihypertensive agents. The study further indicated the effectiveness of doxazosin in the management of severe essential hypertension in Nigerian patients. Fasting blood glucose level significantly decreased during doxazosin treatment phase and increased during moduretic phase, while amlodipine treatment did not have any effect on blood glucose level. In conclusion, the cross-over study seem to confirm the effectiveness of doxazosin therapy and its antidiabetic effect in hypertensive patients. The effectiveness of amlodipine therapy in controlling blood pressure was also observed, but no effect on blood glucose level, while moduretic therapy has hyperglycemic effect despite its effectiveness in blood pressure control in African patients.


Ahaneku Joseph Department Of Physiology Hamamatsu University School Of Medicine
Ahaneku J Nnamdi Azikiwa Univ. Anambra State Nga
Ahaneku Joseph Department of Biochemistry,Saga Medical School


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