Relationship between Morphological and Functional Change of the Stomach with Ageing.

元データ 著者(集計中)


The authors investigated the relationship between morphological changes and functional changes of the stomach with ageing, especially in term of change of gastric emptying in 92 healthy subjects. We checked the difference in chronological age and the stomach age in these subjects (in order to assess these subjects). The morphological change was evaluated by extent of atrophic gastritis in endoscopical atrophic border and histological findings of biopsy specimens, and the functional change was evaluated by maximal acid output in gastric secretion. Atrophic gastritis was expanded and maximal acid output was significantly reduced with ageing. From these results we confirmed that there was no difference between the chronological age and the stomach age and the quality of these subjects was very good. Gastric emptying was investigated by the acetaminophen method. In spite of ageing, gastric emptying was almost constant in these healthy subjects.