Probing the Secondary Structure of MCS4 RNA of Mycoplasma capricolm.

元データ 社団法人 日本生化学会


MCS4 RNA is one of the small stable RNAs found in Mycoplasma capricolum. Its function is unknown. The conformation of MCS4 RNA (125 nucleotides in length) in solution was investigated using chemical and enzymatic probes. Single and double-stranded regions were estimated by means of diethyl pyrocarbonate (DEPC) and by dimethyl sulfate (DMS) modifications. Ribonuclease V1 was also used to identify paired or stacked nucleotides. Based on these data, a secondary structure model for MCS4 RNA containing four stemstructures was constructed.


Ushida Chisato Department Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology Faculty Of Agriculture And Life Science Hirosaki Un
Muto Akira Department Of Biochemistry And Biotechnology Faculty Of Agriculture And Lief Science Hirosaki Univer
Sasamura Shinpei Department Of Biology Faculty Of Science Hirosaki University