Influence of the Shape of Small Reaction Vessels on Liquid Phase Synthesis of Silica Particles

元データ 著者(集計中)


Synthesis of silica particles by hydrolysis of metal alkoxides in a liquid-phase reaction was investigated two small stirred glass vessels with different bottom geometries were used. It is known that the size of product particles is influenced by the reactant concentration and reaction temperature, but the effect of different configuration by agitators on the products has not been investigated to date. In this study, influence of flow patterns on the production of mondispersed silica particles was investigated on a laboratory scale by using glass flasks with two geometries (round- and flat-bottom) and varying the impeller speed. It was found that the agitation speed and the geometry of the reaction vessel can have a significant effect on the monodispersibility of the produced silica particles under some synthesis conditions. Both impeller speed and flow patterns developed in the liquid phase, which are related to the vessel geometry, can have a significant effect on the properties of the produced particles.