812 SiとPの添加による低炭素鋼のマルテンサイト相に及ぼす影響(材料・設計(8))

元データ 2010-09-24


The steel is frequently used as mechanical material because it's possible to optimize physical character to the usage by thea addition of other elements and heat treatment. The martensite phase is connected by toughness in the material, and also causes shape memory effect and pseudoelastic effect even in iron-based alloy. This study examined the effect of the addition of Si and P with heat treatments on martensitic phase.


納冨 充雄 明治大
納富 充雄 明治大学理工学部機械工学科
沖田 潤 明治大
沖田 潤 明治大・院
波田 哲紀 明治大・院
納冨 充雄 明治大学