G15 企業ウェブサイトにおけるデザイン最適化に関する研究 : その1(概論) : 総合サイトマネージメントの方法論(デザイン計画、インタフェース、デザインマネージメント、デザイン教育、その他,「想像」する「創造」〜人間とデザインの新しい関係〜,第56回春季研究発表大会)

元データ 2009-06-20


One primary responsibility of a corporate website is to deliver the latest corporate information to the public; such websites are like living entities, constantly being updated. For that reason, it is indispensable to establish an update and improvement framework that adapts to changing circumstances both inside and outside the company, and include that framework in site development, management and operation. Each content or site update is a limited project, also requiring management. In addition to overall corporate website management, without a cross-sectional operations process incorporating each part of the site and the division responsible for it, a corporate website is not viable. When it comes to maintaining quality in site architecture, by fixing a logical site structure based on experience and by improving on the conventional site management system, an advanced site architecture and maintenance scheme can be attained through setting up an environment for PDCA evaluation. This paper provides a case study on the operation of Mitsubishi Electric's corporate website to date, and proposes a cohesive summary of required techniques for the development, operation and management of a corporate website.


安齋 利典 三菱電機株式会社
大矢 富保 三菱電機株式会社
粕谷 俊彦 三菱電機株式会社
磯西 徹明 三菱電機インフォメーションシステムズ株式会社