D18 "食"のユニバーサリティーの一考察 その2 : UD視点による重要視する食品パッケージの表示研究(ユニバーサルデザイン、その他,「想像」する「創造」〜人間とデザインの新しい関係〜,第56回春季研究発表大会)

元データ 2009-06-20 日本デザイン学会


Nowadays, there is the problem of misprint on food package that affects the reliability of food. The aim of this study is to use universal design as an execution for recovering the reliability of food by proposing three principles of food package from viewpoint of legibility. This study was conducted by using the questionnaires to find out the relation between food labels topic and the usability topic of before consuming and when purchasing food,and concerning level of package attribution.The result shows that female elderly people concerned easy-using topic more than male elderly people and the easy-using topic was strongly mentioned on before consuming more than when purchasing food.


久保 雅義 京都工芸繊維大学
八代 圭祐 京都工芸繊維大学