HRMにおける Diversity の影響 : 実態調査を基に

元データ 2001-02-25 大東文化大学


This research offers a newer approach to corporate culture by ascribing a more critical role than traditionally, necessitated by the large influence of diversity in the context of the business organization. For the most part, scholars of Japanese management have espoused a homogeneous management style, supposedly drawing from traits found in Japanese culture. Especially since the enforcement of Civil Rights Laws, diversity has been an important issue of discussion and debate in the U.S.A. However, the U.S.A. efforts in managing diversity have been along the lines of differences among employees in gender, religion, race, with a reliance on EEO and affirmative action. In Japan, problems of diversity have occurred more recently with the progressing fluidity in the labor market, changing status of female workers, differences in values held by different age groups, and globalization. In the future it foreseeable that diversify will wield considerable influence over HRM systems with each organization forging links with HRM dictated by the different climates unique to each organization.


花岡 正夫 大東文化大学経済学部経営学科
花岡 正夫 大東文化大学


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