High-Density Current Injection to Magnetically Confined Plasmas with a Miniature Plasma Source

元データ 2000-04-15 社団法人応用物理学会


Influences of high-density current injection with a miniature plasma source on a reversed-field pinch(RFP) have been studied in the Separatrix Test Experiment-2(STE-2)device.The current injector has successfully produced a unidirectional field-aligned electron beam.No deterioration or slight improvement of the RFP disharge was observed with injection of poloidal current of up to 1kA.The deepening of the local edge toroidal magnetic field reversal has been observed in the vicinity of the injection port.The global change in the current profile and the stabilization of m=1 tearing modes will require current injection at multiple toroidal locations with a higher bias voltage.However, the gas throughput from the injector is too high, hindering the addition of more injectors in the STE-2 device.Global current profile control experiments with multiple miniature plasma sources are expected in larger devices.


IIDA Motomi Department of Physics,Faculty of Science,Kyoto University
OSHIYAMA hiroshi Department of Electrical Engineering,Kyoto Technical University
Iwamasa Mikito Department Of Physics Faculty Of Science Kyoto University
MASAMUNE Sadao Department of Electronics, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Masamune Sadao Department Of Electrical Engineering Kyoto Institute Of Technology
Masamune Sadao Institute Of Plasma Physics Nagoya University:department Of Electrical Engineering Kyoto Institute O
Oshiyama Hiroshi Department Of Electronics And Information Science Kyoto Institute Of Technology
Oshiyama Hiroshi Department Of Electrical Engineering Faculty Of Engineering Kyoto University
Motomi Iida Kansai Advanced Research Center National Institute Of Information And Communications Technology : (p
Iida Motomi Department of Electronics and Information Science, Kyoto Institute of Technology