元データ 2005-10-31 日本アフェレシス学会


Some new trials have been attempted to reduce cytokine levels directly by apheresis for critically ill patients under systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) condition. However, there is still no consensus regarding the direct reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines by apheresis. Recently, Kaneka Corporation has produced a new direct hemoperfusion (DHP) cartridge, the CTR-001, which consists of a modified Lixelle column used in β2 microglobulin adsorption columns. The CTR-001 cartridge is comprised of beads with bound-hexadecyl alkyl chains on the surface of porous cellulose beads, and is able to adsorb compounds by hydrophobic interactions. The target molecules of CTR-001 cartridge are about 20 kDa. The CTR-001 can adsorb not only pro-inflammatory cytokines but also TSST-1 and peptidoglycan which are the structure of the bacteria in vitro. In clinical use, CTR-001 DHP caused no significant changes in hemodynamics. We performed cytokine apheresis using a CTR-001 DHP in a case of severe acute pancreatitis, and there was a significant decrease in interleukin (IL)-6 levels after procedure. In near future, using CTR-001 DHP as cytokine apheresis will be effective for the treatment of SIRS and critically ill patients.


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