Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of the Solid Solution System Pb(Fe_W_)O_3-PbZrO_3

元データ 1997-09-30 社団法人応用物理学会


Solid solution ceramics having various ratios between Pb(Fe_<2/3>W_<1/3>)O_3 and PbZrO_3 were synthesized by a conventional solid state reaction. For well sintered specimens, dielectric, piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties were studied as a function of composition as well as of temperature. Maximum values obtained at room temperature are: the remanent polarization P_r=24.6 μC/cm^2, the electromechanical coupling coefficient k_<33>=0.32 and the piezoelectric constant d_<33>=56.0×10^<-12> C/N. Based on these experimental results combined with an XRD study, the phase diagram for the system of Pb(Fe_<2/3>W_<1/3>)O_3-PbZrO_3 was finally determined, except for the narrow range near the end member Pb(Fe_<2/3>W_<1/3>)O_3.


Yokosuka Masaru Faculty Of Science And Engineering Iwaki-meisei University
KOJIMA Hidehiko Faculty of Science and Engineering, Iwaki-Meisei University
Kojima Hidehiko Faculty Of Science And Engineering Iwaki-meisei University