Estimation of Arginine Metabolism in Putrefactive Bacteria Using Liquid Chromatography

元データ 1994-04-30 社団法人日本薬学会


Liquid chromatography (LC) using on-column derivatization coupled with a columnswitching technique was developed to study the metabolism of amino acids in bacteria. Simultaneous analysis of 12 kinds of polyamines and their precursor amino acids was performed using this system. Degradation products of amino acids due to Photobacterium phosphoreum, a putrefactive bacterium, was analyzed by the LC method. The arginine (Arg) metabolism in the bacterium was found to be such that Arg was converted to agmatine by the Arg-decarboxylase system, and agmatine was subsequently converted to putrescine by agmatinase. The method was applicable to the determination of Arg, ornithine and lysine decarboxylase activities, Arg-dihydrolase activity and other enzyme activities in putrefactive bacteria.


中澤 裕之 星薬科大学薬品分析化学教室
堀江 正一 大妻女子大学
中澤 裕之 埼玉県衛生研究所
斎藤 貢一 フロンティア研究所
今成 登志男 Faculty Of Pharmaceutical Sciences Chiba University
斎藤 貢一 Saitama Institute of Public Health
板屋 民子 Saitama Institute of Public Health
堀江 正一 Saitama Institute of Public Health
中澤 裕之 Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, National Institute of Public Health
中澤 裕之 愛知県衛生研究所