元データ 1998-11-01


The magneto-optical polar Kerr effect of L1_0-type ordered alloys TM-X (TM=Mn, Fe, Co, X=Pt, Au) was caluculated from the electronic structures given by the first-principles LMTO-ASA method. The calculated results agreed resonably well with the experimental results. The important optical transitions were clarified by detailed analysis of the electronic structures. For example, it was found that the peak structure at about 4eV in the Kerr spectra of L1_0-FeAu mainly originated from the d_↓→f_↓ transition on Au. In this transition, the final state Au(f_↓) is a small tail state hybridized with the unoccupied Fe(3d_↓) state. Thus, the transition can simply be expressed as the Au(5d_↓)→Fe(3d_↓) transition.


山口 正剛 日本原子力研究所 計算科学技術推進センター
浅野 攝郎 東京大学大学院 総合文化研究科
Kyuno Kentaro Institute Of Industrial Science University Of Tokyo
弓野 健太郎 東京大学生産技術研究所
日下部 鉄也 花王素材研
Asano Setsuro The Graduate School Of/college Of Arts And Sciences The University Of Tokyo
弓野 健太郎 Department Of Materials Engineering School Of Engineering The University Of Tokyo
弓野 健太郎 東大教養
日下部 鉄也 花王(株)素材プロセス研究所
浅野 攝郎 東大総合文化
山口 正剛 日本原子力機構