35S インテリ・ファイバー・テニスラケットのパワーに関連する性能予測と評価

元データ 2003-11-07 著者(集計中)


This paper investigated the physical properties of a new type of racket appeared in the market with active piezo fribers, predicting racket performance in terms of the coefficient of restitution, the rebound power coefficient, and the post-impact ball velocity relevant to the power of the racket. It is based on the experimental identification of the racket dynamics and the simple nonlinear impact analysis . The predicted results could explain the difference in mechanism of performance between the new type racket with active piezo fibers and the conventional lightweight racket. This new type racket provides higher coefficient of restitution on the whole area of string face. It also gives large rebound power coefficients at the topside and big power on the whole area of string face. The results relevant to the feel or comfort will be reported in a separate paper.