W320 熱可塑性テニスラケットの手首関節衝撃振動改善効果(エルゴノミック・デザイン2)(シンポジウム : 福祉工学)

元データ 2001-08-03 著者(集計中)


At the current stage, the terms used in describing the performance of a tennis racket are based on the feeling of an experienced tester or a player. However, the optimum racket depends on the physical and technical levels of each user. Accordingly, there are a number of unknown points regarding the relationship between the performance estimated by a player and the physical properties of a tennis racket. It is said that the racket, which adopted the thermoplastics composite, has a high vibration damping and a soft feeling during impact. This paper has predicted the performance of the thermoplastic composite tennis racket comparing with the normal composite in terms of the impact shock vibrations of player's wrist joint, which might be related to the feel or comfort. It is based on the experimental identification of the racket- arm dynamics and the simple nonlinear impact analysis, clarifying the mechanism of a difference in performance between the two types of rackets. The result shows that the shock vibration of the thermoplastics composite racket is smaller during impact and has a wider sweet area in terms of feel than the normal composite one.