One-Particle Excitation of the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model

元データ 1997-03-15 社団法人日本物理学会


The real part of the self-energy of interacting two-dimensional electrons has been calctrlated inthe Z-naatrix approxitnation. It is shown that the forward scattering resvxlts in an anounalotrs ternaleading to the vanishing renorrnalization factor of the otae-particle Green function, 'xvhich is anon-perttmrbative effect of the interaction U. The present restrlt is a nuicroscopic demonstration ofthe claim by Anderson based on the conventional anany-body theory. The effect of the danapingof tl'xe interacting electrons, which has been ignored in reaching arbove conclusion, has been brieflydiscussed,


Yokoyama K Tokyo Univ. Tokyo
YOKOYAMA Ken Depatment of Physics,Tokyo University
FUKUYAMA Hidetoshi Depatment of Physics,Tokyo University
Fukuyama Hidetoshi Depatment Of Physics Faculty Of Science The University Of Tokyo
Fukuyama Hidetoshi Depatment Of Physics Tokyo University


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