Stability of Resistive Shell Modes in the RFP Surrounded by External Helical Current

元データ 1999-07-15 社団法人日本物理学会


The statbility of resistive shell tnodes (external kink tnodes) has been analyzed in the RFPconfiguration surrottnded by an external helica'tl current. The helicttl current is shown to have astabilizing eff'ect on the external kink ratodes when the ctrrrent is in phase with the tangentialcortaponent of the rnagnetic perturbatiorx. The current density reqtuired to stabilize the unstableraaodes increases xvith the goxvtla rate of" the rtaode. Ata increase ir? the distance of' the ctrrrentlayer frozaa the plasma sttrface also leads to an increase in the required ctrrrent. The relevance ofthis stabilizing effect of the helical ctrrrent to the experintental obserx'ations is disctrssed.


IIDA Motomi Department of Physics,Faculty of Science,Kyoto University
OSHIYAMA hiroshi Department of Electrical Engineering,Kyoto Technical University
Iwamasa Mikito Department Of Physics Faculty Of Science Kyoto University
MASAMUNE Sadao Department of Electronics, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Masamune Sadao Department Of Electrical Engineering Kyoto Institute Of Technology
Masamune Sadao Institute Of Plasma Physics Nagoya University:department Of Electrical Engineering Kyoto Institute O
Oshiyama Hiroshi Department Of Electronics And Information Science Kyoto Institute Of Technology
Oshiyama Hiroshi Department Of Electrical Engineering Faculty Of Engineering Kyoto University
Motomi Iida Kansai Advanced Research Center National Institute Of Information And Communications Technology : (p
Iida Motomi Department of Electronics and Information Science, Kyoto Institute of Technology