On the Quadruple Correlation in the Extra Binding Energy of the s-d Shell Nuclei

元データ 1966-07-25 理論物理学刊行会


The saturation property of the α-type particles which appears in the series of the extra separation energies in the s-d shell nuclei is discussed. To explain this property, the binding energies of 2~5 particles outside the core O^<16> are discussed qualitatively in the j-j and L-S schemes and calculated with projected variational self-consistent wave function and the SU(3) model, using the reaction matrix as the residual interaction. In these calculations it is shown that the T=0 interaction plays an essential role in the configuration mixing and the saturation property, together with the pairing interaction V(J=0, T=1). It is concluded that the saturation property is a consequence of the change of the contribution from the large two-body interaction V(J=0, T=1), V(J=J_<max>, T=0) and V(J=J_<min>, T=0). Futhermore, we discuss the possibility of testing the effective interaction by comparing the results of calculations with the reaction matrix and those with a phenomenological effective interaction of the Gaussian type.


SUZUKI K. Department of Biomaterials, Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceut
Suzuki Kenji Department Of Physics Kyoto University
Suzuki Kenji Department Of Applied Physics Osaka University
Nagata Sinobu Department Of Applied Physics Faculty Of Engineering Miyazaki University
Suzuki Kenji Department Of Anesthesia Kitakami Saiseikai Hospital
SUZUKI Kenji Department of Physics, Kyoto University