Response to Japanese college EFL leaners' difficulties in SLA

元データ 1996-10-31 北海学園大学


The purpose of this paper is three-fold: one, to investigate and identify the difficulties faced by Japanese college students, two, to investigate and identify their questions raised in the course of studying English as a foreign language, and three, to discuss the background behind their problems with learning. Based on the author's own experiences both as an ESL/EFL learner and ESL/EFL instructor, he offers a range of pedagogical suggestions. A total of 273 students at two Japanese colleges, both national and private, were asked to point out their own broad problem areas and particular difficulties in their learning of English. The collected responses were sorted according to skill areas such as speaking, pronunciation, listening, writing, reading and vocabulary. The data suggest that the majority of the students who responded feel less confident in listening and speaking; they also feel that it is difficult to improve indicated skills. The results furthermore indicate that most of the respondents are lacking in a clear idea about how to improve the skills areas they assume to be undeveloped.


小林 敏彦 北海学園大学英米文化学科


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